Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yesterday was a good day!! It rained!!!! So rare in my town...
I went to pick up my mail and I had some good surprises:

I finally got my Crocs!!! I've been wanting a Mary Jane Crocs since a quite long ago but I just couldn't decided on the color... the final choices were green (my favorite color) and pink (another favorite) but I ended up picking the pink ones... I have more tshirts to match them... They're really what they say they are. Really comfortable!!!

And the other surprise was my PFATT swap
from Mica (Garboodles)!!! Here's a pic
to make you green with envy hehehe... She makes such beautiful things! I was so lucky to be the recipient of one of them, Thank you Mica!!!

The last surprise was our new fridge!!!! The old one was cooling whenever it felt like it (bleh!) So we gotta change it... too bad for our economy, to bad for our old fridge but too good for our vegetables and fruits! Now they live in a blissful, cold new house!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Art attack...

I just had an art attack last night... I haven't been able to complete anything decent in a couple of days and suddenly I was creating not 1, but 4 pieces... and all started because of a piece of paper I saw. What do you think?

Monday, April 23, 2007

The science of sleep...

I just watched the weirdest movie ever... It's called "The science of sleep". I loved it. It's the first time I see a dream pictured in a way my dreams are. I'm a visual person and this was like eating chocolate for my eyes. Beautiful, wonderful picture. I'm definitely inspired by it. I think I'll put some clouds in my studio...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Birthday season...

Birthday season is coming!!!

The first one is my 4 legged children, Lennon. He wasn't born in the end of April, but was the day he became part of the family, our first child! So we celebrate it in this day and for us is the day he turns 4 years old.

Then on May 1st my husband and my second and adopted furry child Sofa. He will turn 33 and she 4. She came to live with us when she was 1 year old, so I've always seen her that way. Lennon is getting old. Before my eyes he turn into a beautiful, big strong dog. Sofa on the other hand has always been that way, so I think that maybe she will never get old since she never grew up.

My baby girl Marielena will turn 1 this year. I can't believe how fast she grew!!! snif snif... she soon will stop being a baby (I think I'm going to cry!!!!). I made this collage for her baptism.

Finally, in the middle of June I'll be 29. I still remember when I was 15 and thought that 20 was old ha ha ha. Now I'll be almost 30 and still feel like a teenager sometimes. Anyway. To celebrate this important dates, I made this piece. She's called "The Cupcake Fairy" and it's finished with a layer of beeswax and blue mica for sparkle. I think she's lovely and represent well our celebrations. Chocolate cake, gifts, fun and wishes.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

She's finished...

I haven't been able to sleep much, so I get to work in my doll...

Here she is, hearing a little secret from a friend.

I love her surprised expression and her hair.

I usually finish it with a antique mix but today it's too hot here... I wanted something fresh...

PS: No fingers where harm during the making of this doll....

Need a good night sleep...

Yesterday I went to bed at 4:00 am.. just to find out I couldn't sleep... I was trying to make a doll with osnaburg and I drew very skinny arms and legs, which I had to sew again like 3 times because the darn thing keep falling apart when I stuffed it. Anyway It was 1:00 am when my husband went to bed and I told him I was about to go too. I could have used muslin but nooooo I wanted osnaburg!!!!!! So there I was, stuffing again, making legs again... sewing the parts in place.. decided I wanted to hand felt the hair... decided she look a little bid odd.... decided to add a hat.... decided she look a little bit plain... decided to stitch her face.... decided she needed color... decided to paint her face... decided to check the clock... 3:50 am!!!!! No wonder I have dark circles the size of Texas. So I said, I'm going to sleep. Left everything like it was, and off to bed I went just to realize I have insomnia... I just lay there, thinking about 1041094809348 stupid things i will do the next day, or ideas I want to paint, or dolls I want to make, or posts I want to write. When I'm finally asleep my baby daughter wakes up, I wake up, my husband wakes up and this time I go back to sleep easily. In the morning I wake up totally sleepy and with not a single idea in my mind... I don't know what happen to them. They evaporate with the light. I'm definitely not a day person.
Here she is (I borrowed a camera). Just the face because I'm still trying to decide if I want her with legs or a make do. I thing that's going to be decided this night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I think I'm addicted...

No matter how hard I try to stop buying paper... I just can't. There are so many beautiful papers out there that I just can't have enough. Any time I am online and my husband isn't near, I'm looking at papers.. or buying papers. Anytime I go to a craft store, I get lost in the paper department. When I make a collage, there are 2 steps that take a lot more time that everything else... decide what to do and what papers to use... and the more papers I have the more I last searching through piles and piles of card stock and vintage books and magazines. And then I choose one and have to go through all the stuff again to find some that matches. I'm not the most organized person in the world you know? I try to keep everything in place but the most I can do is keep the paper inside the drawers. I would post a picture if I had a camera, but my husband took it to the desert and it doesn't work anymore...(I miss it!).
Anyway, I think I should start some rehab... maybe I can start by adding the paper to the cart and delete everything at the end... I better start using the internet for other stuff, like watching the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie, make a little Dolores Umbridge voodoo doll... or trying to find out if Snape will be the bad or the good guy in the last book....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kissing frogs...

My parents and my youngest sister were visiting us for the weekend. She's 21 and it's about to finish college. Talking with her made me think a lot. How different things were at that age (hey, I'm not too old, but 8 years are a big difference sometimes). She's still making choices about her life. She's just starting a new relationship and she's afraid he won't be the one either. She's not sure about what to do now that she's finishing college and has other thousand things on her mind.
I told her not to worry. Everything is like kissing frogs. You may kiss one and it'll turn out to be a prince, or not. Things can turn out to be just what you wanted... or not, but you can always kiss another frog, and maybe this one will be it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm on EBAY PULSE!!!

I'm so excited!!! I made it to the most watched items in the Self Representing Artists on Ebay!

That's a great honor!!! Thank you for your support!!!

PS: Take that hate mailers!!! hahaha

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I can't believe it's wednesday...

I think all things happen for some reason, sometimes that reason is way beyond our understanding at first.

Yesterday my husband, my baby and me were going to the post office to ship some paintings. It was extremely windy. Our power was shut because we didn't paid the bill because it was never delivered. So before going to the post office we had to go and buy ice for the fridge. When we were arriving to the house my husband discovered that had lost the house keys and I didn't have mine with me, so back we went to see if he had left them in the store. We couldn't find them so we went home again and didn't find them outside either. He was thinking that maybe he could jump the fence but our dogs didn't agree with him. I told him to check if maybe, and just maybe the door was unlocked... and it was!!! So even if I was glad the house was open, I had to yell at him for leaving it unlocked!!!!! No burglars can pass through the dogs but they can open the front door and come in!!!!! lol Anyway, he opened the trunk to take out the ice and there they were!!!! The lost keys!!! So finally we could close our house and go ship the paintings... If it weren't for the keys maybe we would have come to an empty home... Thank God the week is almost over!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

First post!


Welcome to my blog!!!

I've been trying to start one since quite a lot. I love wandering through other's people blogs and I finally decided to start it.

I've been very busy with my daughter and the paintings. I made 2 dolls for the tdiptmercantile
and a painting. I hope you like them.

I've also been making some pendants. They look great but it's a lot of work, but it takes more time taking the pictures and making the auctions than making them.

I'm also working on my website (well, actually my husband is, I just paint). I'll let you know when it's ready.

Now I just saw a beautiful set of collage paper somewhere and need to find it again. I'll leave you with a preview of the painting that will be on the mercantile...