Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paper scraps

I've confessed myself a paper addict before and now I must confess that I haven't stopped. I have piles and piles and I keep buying and tearing out magazine pages and getting any piece with an interesting pattern into the pile. Well, it was time to do something with it besides my traditional collages. I think I'm not giving paper its importance when I paint and draw over it. Don't take me wrong, I love to do that. It's just that some papers were born to be enjoyed as they are. They're just too beautiful. But I always end up adding much more to my work.

I wanted to do something simpler, cleaner, where paper was the main and only medium (oh well... and a little bit of pencil?.. and maybe some pastel?) So to Flickr I went to do some research and find inspiration and many hours and 2 muffins later this is what I found:

1. flower power, 2. 4 de 4, 3. Untitled, 4. Super nose, 5. Untitled, 6. small object paper dolls, 7. humpty dumpty, 8. lost and lonely, 9. ********, 10. She knows that is possible to fly, 11. i love sweet basil, 12. Untitled, 13. Untitled, 14. Untitled, 15. My Winter Boots, 16. Pin Pal card design, 17. I should be in a Shakespearean play right now, 18. Group Hug!, 19. Paper Quilt Project, 20. #5

Many wonderful ideas to start with! Paper dolls, paper collages, paper quilts... the quantity of beautiful art on Flickr is just endless...But being girls and animals my main line of work this is what I came up with:
"Running with carrots", available here

They're not framed yet.. but don't they look beautiful? It was a lot of work but I'm very happy with the results! Similar to free hand drawing... but this was free hand cutting. No molds, not previous drawing on the paper... just plain cuts...

So pretty and clean... but the mess has to go somewhere... let me show you where that is:

They will be available at my Etsy shop beginning tomorrow and I'll be adding the rest during the week :)

By the way... It's raining!!!!! Now I can check off my list one of those things that I really, really wanted... If only I had one of these stripped roosters :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

Working, working

I have no social life. It's true. I spend my days with my toddler and my nights working... when everybody is out I'm in, working... so this weekend I spent it (yes, you're right) working! I finished some commissioned pieces and even had time to make some pieces for ebay and some brooches!!! It's my new adventure! What do you think?

And my new favorite..."Conejos al volante"!!! (Bunnies at the wheel)... Check it out on Ebay :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The gifts

I think I forgot to share with you what I received for my birthday (besides the hugs and kisses :)

I got 3 gifts from my husband!!!

The first one (and the best if you ask me) is an original painting from one of my favorite artists: Elsita!!!! She's not only super creative but works with excellence in many mediums. I almost fainted when I opened the package!!!!... It depicts me, my girl and an elephant... I can't say enough good things about this painting, so see it for yourself and enjoy!

The second one is a Wacom tablet... all I have to do is figure out how this thing works and I'll be able to make some digital art!!! (or so I say... it already has proven to be more difficult to use than what it looks like).

And my third one is an engraved Moleskine with one of my paintings! (So that's why he keept asking which was my favorite painting from the ones I've done). I have several sketchbooks already but they're the big ones and I always sketching on napkins or scraps of paper when I'm out so this gift is great too!!!

So I'm very happy with my gifts. I love surprises and usually Mr. Danita can't keep anything for himself and it's always giving me hints and this time I just didn't have a clue! (Thank you, I love Them All and I love you!!!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you, Thank you and thank you

Thank you all for your best wishes!!! My birthday was great, thanks a lot!

Here's is me looking happy, at 30 with my Juanin all the way from Chile!!! (Thanks a lot Moira!!)

And also, here's my wonderful family on paper mache that Susan from Middleburg Studio kindly traded with me for one of my dolls... It is perfect!!! She even matched our hair style! She can make you and your family or just your kids, just ask her. You'll love the result!

Monday, June 16, 2008

30 years

I'm 30 today!!!! I'd never thought I'd be thirty... It's like I never thought I'd be a mom... but now I am and I can't be happier... In honor to that, today I'll blow out my 30 candles and ask for a wish.... Happy birthday to me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long time no see

I'm finally back! I spend a little bit over a week at my parent's and I'm exhausted. Going there is so much work. I go with my baby (not husband) and she get all excited to be there and at the same time misses his dad that she doesn't sleep well at night... and everybody wants a piece of me and I go to bed way too late... I don't get any work done not even answering mails. Their computer wasn't working!!!!! So if you wrote me and I haven't gotten back to you, please be patient!!! I will, I promise!

Now I'm at my own home with a huge pile of laundry, a house in need of some cleaning and many, many mails pending.... but I missed painting so much! So I painted today. The laundry can wait. I painted a girl with a fox today. I watched too much Dora the explorer this last week...

Oh before I forget, for the ones who aren't in my mailing list the PFATT Marketplace is updated and this month we're celebrating Halloween!!

Here's my offering:

Inspired by this postcard:
Well, now I go back to my pile of laundry... I wish I had 8 arms...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The inspiration

Thank you all for your kind comments about the embroidery but It wasn't my idea. Embroidery has been used widely around artists for some time now and I just took that idea and applied it to my work. These wonderful works are from different artists from Flickr, here are some of my favorites:

Make sure to pay them a visit to their flickr pages if you want to learn more about their work:

1. Tablecloth, 2. please come by..., 3. And here I stand, 4. Baby Blemish, 5. reD freeform embroidery, 6. Monkey Play, 7. embroidered t-shirt - take one, 8. C365 / 221 - I am a Tea Addict... are you?, 9. Girl and Their Trees series, 10. Red Chair ACEO, 11. ACEO Collage, 12. hand stitched necklaces, 13. schizo-embroidery, 14. mad hatter collage, 15. sun glare, 16. Trees, 17. dancing closeup, 18. Quiet, 19. Girl and Their Trees series, 20. musician, 21. tea cozy, 22. embroidered atc (wip) with a few changes, 23. Pulling the running stitch though, 24. Collaged embroidery, 25. embroideries 008, 26. Textile collage ~ Flowers, 27. bunny in progress, 28. bike pals, 29. ADORE YOU, 30. love doiley

Also I don't know if you already got the new SEW Somerset magazine... if you haven't you don't know what you're missing!!! It is also packed with great examples and techniques for you to try (make sure to check out Patricia Bober work). Embroidery is getting all the rage this year!!! Don't be afraid to give it a try!