Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just landed!

Hello everyone!

I just landed from my return flight... I'm back home! There's a lot to unpack and pictures to post, so stay tuned!

To all of you who bought something from the store while I was away, I'm starting shipments this Monday, June 1st. Thanks a lot for your patience!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Going going gone...

I'm going on vacation!!!
Finally, after almost 4 years of working non stop we're taking a break from the world and we're going to the beach!!!!!
The last time we took a real vacation was when I got pregnant... now we're taking our kid in the hope that I don't get pregnant again (hahaha). We're really excited and she's really looking forward to fly in the clouds and play in the sand. It will be her first time!! I think she won't have any trouble adjusting to the sand giving the fact that she is well known for running in the street with no shoes and even with no underwear!

I'll try to upload some pictures and tell you a little bit more soon.

Wish us luck! I will miss you!

PS: The store will remain open, but shipping will be made until I'm back on June 1st.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

In the mood for a sale at Danita Art?

I hope you are having a good weekend! Are you in the mood for a sale today? Then it's your lucky day! This weekend, buy two prints from my Etsy Shop and get a third print for free!

Head to the store for more details and choose yours =) Keep on having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My work on Art Doll Quarterly :)

Have you check out the new issue of Art Doll Quarterly? I've been wanting to show you this since I received it but my mom was here and she took the magazine home and I didn't have it to take the pics... and without the pics it's not fun. Anyway, I'm so excited to be there with my little dolls! And I even more excited because they're going to be for sale directly from Stampington & Co. at their Artist Emporium!!! Please check them out here. A percentage of the sale is going to go to a non-profit organization :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy belated Mother's day!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there who visit my blog!!!
I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but I was very busy celebrating :P

I had one of those rare days where my daughter sleeps 5 hours in a row in the afternoon and I get to watch tv with my husband instead of working like a crazy woman. I got to catch up in my favorite shows and then we got to eat to one of our favorite restaurants.

I hope everybody had a great day too!


Friday, May 08, 2009

And the winner is.....(drumroll please)...

Vivian, from Viv out on a whim!

This is a very short post because I'm just arriving home and I'm starving... but I'll show you tomorrow some new stuff I've been working on and some good news too :)

Congratulations Vivian! Please contact me to give me the details about your doll.

Now, to the dani-kitchen!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Dolls And A Giveaway

Have I told you I still sleep with my plush cow? I think I've mentioned before.... maybe I'm one of the few in their 30's that still does, but I know that deep in your heart many people has a special place for their childhood animal companion. That's why I made this little series, called "Me and my pet". They're a bunch of sweet girls ready to go to sleep with their very favorite creature. I even made them a house in case you want to collect them. Pick your favorite and make it yours today at my Etsy shop (they're all gone) and don't forget to leave a comment telling me which was (or still is) your animal companion and I'll pick a winner on Friday. The prize? A little custom doll with the hair, dress and little critter that the lucky winner decides :)

Have a great week!