Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New paintings!

The free time suit me well... 3 new paintings available (and counting). I want to make more, but I need to finish a commission...

Fly Away (sold)

So Lonely (sold)

Un solo corazon (One Heart) (Sold!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been long!

I desperately need some time away... so I took my daughter and went home for a couple of days... I asked my father to take me to a greener place, with a little river and some quiet time and he did... hope you enjoy the pics ;)

Did you notice whose daughter is here? Francisco Villa's (widely known as Pancho Villa!). The only daughter he had with Luz Corral. The girl was poisoned when she was very little :(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New hand painted paper

I've had insomnia again and I decided to take advantage of it. If I can't sleep then I'll work. I made some new beautiful hand made papers the other day...

And then I made a collage with them. Love yourself. A nice reminder that I need some days :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks for the support... now let's move on!

I really appreciate your help and your comments and your support with all this and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart... but I also think that it's not good to be concentrating in the bad things and make the best of what happens. At least now I know that my paintings look great on journals :P

To help me let it go I made a new painting with the theme in mind but with a twist... is called "The thief" and she's a cute one! (If live gives you lemons... make lemonade!)

By the way, I'm thinking about the new Harry Potter movie. I've been waiting for it for years and then I got all mad because they canceled the premier on December.... and made us wait until July. Well, now is July and it is on the movie theaters now... AND I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT!!!!!... this can't be! And then all the people who has watched has told me that is so disappointing because is not like the book... what makes me want to watch it even more to see if they're right!!!! oh well... I hope the wait is worth it...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We sent convos to the sellers on Etsy and they have responded WONDERFULLY to our requests. They took their listings down and sent me some information that could be useful to track the responsible for this theft. It so happens that the Etsy sellers purchased the counterfeit notebooks at bookstores and markets in China, they tough they were purchasing licensed products and were unaware that it was a Copyright Violation, I really cannot blame them for that, and when informed they removed their listings.... THANKS!!!

The website and phone number listed on the notebooks appear to be fake.... but at least people is being made aware that someone is stealing work from artists and selling it without permission.

We'll see how this unfolds.... Keep an eye open, your work may be out there too!

Mr. Danita.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello there!

It's Mr. Danita.... Danita is still foaming and the mouth because we found out that someone is using her images in small notebooks and she asked me to write a post to warn everyone about counterfeit items. (She's afraid that all she can write now is swearing and curse words)

They are signed by "Doris' Garden"... Even had the nerve to change her signature!

So far, we've only found notebooks, but who knows what else is out there now. If you see more of these knockoff items, please let us know so we can report them and hopefully do something about it. They are being sold on Etsy and they started appearing today, we got the tip from a good Samaritan at Etsy.

We want to remind everyone that we are a small operation and we do not mass produce our items... We love handmade and that is reflected in our products.... Danita just asked me to ask you to support your independent artists =)

Please remember that our ONLY Official venues are:

Etsy, as danitashop (Prints, Originals, Jewelry and Handmade items)
eBay as (Prints and originals)
PFATT Marketplace (Originals)
Windlewood (Originals)
Poppytalk Handmade (Prints & Originals)
Stampington's Artist Emporium (Originals)

And you may find her stuff also at:

Boutique Nana on Finland (Jewelry)
Birdie Design Studios In Californa (ACEO's)

Here's a few examples of what we've found so far:

Unfortunately, from now on, all the images released will be watermarked to prevent any more theft.... or at least not encourage it >=( .... Danita's Fellow Artists, check out places where your art may be sold, I hope your art has not been stolen and someone is pulling the same trick on you.

If you see something, shoot us an eMail so we can be on top of it.... Thanks in advance!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New stuff in the shop!

Hi! I hope everybody had a great weekend! We bake a cake this time and got super busy doing stuff for the shop. I'm super excited about this new project!

A while ago I thought It would be nice to offer some mini prints on wood of some of my paintings, ready to hang, affordable and small so you could group them together, and now they're here... I'm very happy with the result!

This is only a small preview of the selection that is available, and this time I only made one of each, so hurry up and get yours before they're gone!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

STUFFED Magazine

I'm so happy to be part of STUFFED Magazine once more! This time I have an article about my little dolls in containers :)

I was so excited when I received the magazine.. and then I realized... I haven't done dolls in a while... so I went and made some!... and here they are!
Me and my panda

The musician
Me and my penguin

And of course... Frida y sus calaveritas!

I'm working on the pics and I'll announce soon when they are available in the shop.

How was your weekend by the way? I hope yours was great... I don't tell you about mine because it wasn't good... and I'm so glad is over!!!!

See you soon!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

This Old House

The cute little dolls are now done, and the blueprints for their houses are drawn on their boxes, they are waiting for the contractors to clean up and the code inspectors to certify that they are up to code, and the county office of Danitaland told me that all the paperwork will be finished and they'll be ready to be sold on Monday 07/06 around 12:00 PM EST on my Etsy Shop.

I'll leave you with a preview of the finished dolls, their polymer clay houses and hand decorated cardboard boxes so you can choose the one you like the most =)