Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm putting the last details to my Catrina and preparing the Frida Altar for the Day of the Dead. Thanks so much for your comments!!! In the meanwhile, I'm having a sale at my shop to celebrate! Don't miss it ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

La Frida Catrina in paper mache

Hi everybody! I've been so busy lately running from one place to another and coming home to make stuff that I haven't been able to be in the computer much. I'm taking a 4 day workshop in a local museum. I'm learning to make traditional paper mache Catrinas. And guess whom I making into one? Frida of course!

She will have her own palette and a brush in case she wants to paint something ;)

She will have a hat too and a big pink dress.

But first I have to paint her white.

My house is a mess right now and we only have been eating chicken nuggets but it's been so much fun! There's paper everywhere and I'm still not finished.

But I managed to work on some dolls too ;)

They're not ready yet I still have lots to do but I thought It would be fun to show you some pics of the process. I'll post more pics when I'm done! (I just have to keep drinking coffee)

New Prints Available On My Etsy Shop

New prints are available at my Etsy Shop... Autumn And Holiday Prints, Fridas and more.
If you missed an original you liked, here's your chance to get a print for you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The annual visit to the pumpkin patch!

This Friday I went with my daughter to her first school trip! They organized a visit to the pumpkin patch and we had a great time together.

She got to pet the animals there and feed a sheep.

We got our own mini pumpkins to take home and we even make a new friend

We even got to see some Alpacas! I've never seen them in person before...

And after that we got to enjoy a delicious roasted corn

Can't wait until next year to go again!

Happy weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New paintings listed on Etsy

Quick note... I just finished listing the new paintings on my Etsy shop, they are available here. Enjoy!

The bright red star... a collaborative work

I'm so excited today as Yael's little Christmas tale is finally ready. She invited 14 fabulous artists from Etsy to illustrate a page each and I'm among the lucky ones who participated. If you want a copy of your own of this beautiful book, just go here to order it ;)

This is my contribution... I will have the original for sale soon, but I'm still pondering.. should I add mica to it or leave it as it? I think I'll let the buyer decide.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New work...

Here are some of the new paintings I'm working on... what I saw in my trip to the forest (at least in my mind)...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It was worth it!

I'm home with husband and daughter sick with the flu.... too much fresh air we're not used to combined with chilly river water = great days at the woods. I'm starting to feel sick too, but I don't care, it was worth it!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009


If you are around Seattle this weekend, make sure you drop by the PLUSH YOU! exhibit on Schmancy Toys, there will be lots of plush and softies from many artists... See if you spot the lovely couple from "Me and my Penguin", they asked me if they could step out of the painting into our world and visit the exhibit. ;-) And if you see them... send me pictures!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm taking a quick trip to Ruidoso, NM for a refresh... I Need to see a forest so bad!

New boxes

I'm glad everybody enjoyed the virtual tour to my studio.
Now here's the newest thing done there ;)
At my shop.

Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Most of you have seen one little corner of my studio over and over again (I use it a lot to take pictures of my work in progress). But I'm sure very few have seen the complete space...

Would you like a tour around my little studio?
Lets see... (to see it better, and bigger, click on any of the pictures)

My style? Eclectic I must say (or you just can say that I don't have any and I just accumulate things that I like and put them on display... all at once!)

Here's the main table. It's at the middle of the room and it's used for everything that needs lots of space. It also hosts the sewing machine and whatever pending thing I have at the moment that is not a painting.

My desk. I have almost no space to work with so many things but I "need" them all there.

Specially all these.

The beeswax station.

I make the jewelry here. I used to have an armchair in this corner that was basically used by the visitors to chat while I was working. I needed the table more... and it still has a chair.

I'm sitting there right now. Here's my computer and my inspirational board.
Oh and Olivia.

That bubble gum machine used to be full with candy... the same as that plate. Many trips to the dentist before... now they're only decorative items.

Next to the computer is my daughter's desk. It was cleaned for the shots. This is the cleanest and neatest since she found out it was hers.

She has an inspirational board too.

This is perhaps the most ugly and useful part of the whole studio. A dedicated sink. And a broom. I couldn't live without them!

The queen of the studio! A mermaid made by a Mexican folk artist that I brought from my trip to the Mayan Riviera.

She's the guardian of the fabrics.

Here's the box container. Once it starts looking empty it's time to make more!

My old typing machine. My dad exchanged it to his brother for a portable olivetti... (my win!)

The reds.

The blues.

The whites.

And the oranges.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and pardon the mess... it's not always like that...
It's usually much worse ;)