Saturday, February 26, 2011

Danita Blythe!

So you know how I am. I like to do things and then read the instructions... and I can't wait, I like things to happen NOW and waiting is hard... specially when waiting takes so long! When I ordered my Blythe I ordered the same day 3 sets of eye chips to change her eyes to brown (just like me) thinking it will be just receiving the doll and changing the eyes... boy I was wrong!
Once you try it you start wanting to change all!

Luckily I had most of the things needed to customize her. After trying to remove the eyes following this tutorial and just being able to change one and then I decided to remove the shine of her skin with a very soft sanding paper because I had read somewhere that you could do it that way or apply matte spray.. I didn't like the idea of matte spray so I went for the sanding. I couldn't do it properly with her head on so I had to open her. It seemed so easy! I couldn't... so I went and checked another tutorial, following the instructions carefully (which I don't do very often!)

And I did it!! Since she was already opened I thought I should do some lip carving, I don't like the standard lips they come with. The yellowish makeup wasn't entirely of my likeness so I change that too for a dark brown.

I repainted the lips and I even added a beauty mark that I have below my lips, a little bit of shine and blush and closed her head. I tried again with the eye chips and this time I could do it!! (I realized you have to really let the silicon cool before attempting to remove the eyes). After closing her I read that you could get her lazy eyes by letting the spring loose and attaching a cord.. but I was to lazy to open her again. I may do that another day.

So here she is before the transformation... and how she is now. What do you think? Not bad for being my first time, right?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I didn't have that fun in years...

Last weekend I made a super quick trip to my parent's home. They live about 4 hours from here and I wasn't there since my sister's wedding in September (5 months!!!). I missed being there. And I had promised my daughter to take her in a ride in a public bus when we visit them (a big adventure!) oh and we did had fun. She even suggested we change our car for a bus because you can ride standing up and don't have to wear your seat belts. Oh and don't forget that you get to purchase a great variety of candy and listen to all kind of music interpreted by people with guitars and accordions. It is fun if you don't have to do it everyday to go to everyplace for 23 years, right? So my cousin and I took her for a ride downtown.

When we returned home we had to cross a park in where I used to play as a kid and went to talk to my cousin as a teenager and eat ice cream from the ice cream shop just across the corner of the park... but I don't remember when was the last time that I actually went and play in the slides... I was as happy as a kid! First racing my daughter and then we together in the same slide... after that followed the swings and then went to the fountain to finish off with a delicious lemon fresh water and some mexican nachos (the real deal!). One of those weekends to remember!

I hope this weekend is just as fun. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some new work...

I've been stitching like crazy for an upcoming show that's why I haven't post much work related stuff lately, and since the sewing machine was already on I had a chance to make this little cute ACEOs with my latest images embellished with free motion stitches and beautiful papers and they will be listed today along with some pretty glass tile necklaces.

Find them here.

Hope you're having a great day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's here!!! My Blythe is finally here!!!

I'm super excited today because I finally got my Blythe!!!!

She's all I expected and even more... her hair is soooo soft and long and her face is beautiful.
I still need to name her... I have to think about it... my daughter is crazy over her as well... more since she found the eye mechanism (oh-oh!)
She's kind of shy (like me) and doesn't say much.. I think she will open up when she feels more like home.. she's just beginning to meet everybody here at the studio...

What she discovered was the drawers where I keep the beads in... I think that will be another think we share ;)
We are just starting to get to know each other better... I hope to take her out for some fun pics soon... Can't wait to start playing with her!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And the giveaway winner is...


I'm away from home now visiting my parents on an impromptu trip, so I took longer to report the winner =) Sorry... I was having so much fun that I lost track of time!

Well, the giveaway winner is Malissa!!! Congratulations!!!!

Please let me know which is the print you want and I'll have it on it's way to you.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day GIVEAWAY!

I hope everybody is having an excellent Valentine's day!

I used to hate this day to my bones (long sad story that I will share in another time) ... but now that I have my wonderful family I love this day and I enjoy it a lot! We've been celebrating since yesterday (A free Sunday sounds much better than a busy Monday) and both my daughter and I received chocolates and LPS Blythe dolls... now we can play together with them! We also baked yummy chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and pink sprinkles... the frosting HAD to be blue (my daughter LOVES blue and she insists everything she makes or gets is that color) and she took them to share with her classmates. So to continue to the giving spirit... let's have our first GIVEAWAY for the year!! (yay!).

I'm not sure if you noticed but recently I introduced to my shop new sizes of Wood Mounted Prints. First I had 5x5, 5x7 and 3x6 inches, now I also have 8x8, 6x8 and 5x10 and very soon 2x2"! The winner will get to choose the image and size of Woodblock she desires! How cool is that? If you want to participate just let me a comment from today until Friday 12:00 pm East telling me how you celebrate Valentine's day and your choice of image and size (you can take a look here to see what's available, but It can be any of my available images). The winner will be announced this Saturday. If you tweet it, mention it on your blog or facebook and paste the link here you'll have an additional chance for every entry.... Let's spread the word and start picking your favorite!

And have a beautiful, wonderful, filled of love day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blythe... my current obsesion!

Ever since I joined Flickr in 2006 I've been constantly seeing and making favorites of many of the beautiful pictures with Blythe dolls in there. I specially love the fact that they're very customizable and that you can make them look like you. The closer I got to have one was to buy one of those little ones that come with a horse from the Littlest Pet shop series (my daughter's favorite toys by the way). And now, I'm finally getting my own! After years of wanting one... I finally splurge myself... and I even ordered some eye chips so she has my brown eyes and I want to make her face matte as well. I'm already thinking about making her hats and scarves (when I learn to knit!) and buy her a little pair of glasses like mine. We're going to have so much fun! Prepare because it will be lots of pics of her (and maybe even paintings!) It would be like a mini-me! I need to start thinking in what her name will be. I'll show her to you when she arrives... I think it will take a bit though, she's traveling all the way from Japan, but If I already waited 5 years I can wait a few more days.

Ooooh I'm so excited! I just can't wait!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

All I want for Valentine's day is Jewelry!

New jewelry, the perfect gift for this Valentine's day!

I admit it, I buy gifts for myself. On Christmas, on my birthday, on Valentine's day... any excuse is good to get something nice. If you're like me, I wanted to show you the jewelry that I'll be posting in the following days, maybe you want to give yourself something special too?
Or just leave the browser open so your significant one can get a hint of what you want... no wait, it's best if you copy the link and send it directly to him with a note that says: I WANT ONE OF THESE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY (Insert phrases here like "Thank you honey you're the best hubby in the whole world "or "You look so handsome when you're buying me stuff in the computer"). Don't forget to specify which one!

Friday, February 04, 2011

A preview of my last paintings (Power outage is making me crazy)

So I'm stuck in my house, with just one warm room because we have been having power outages because of the extreme cold (this city is not prepared for it!) and we only have one gas heater and I'm about to go crazy. I do love my children, I really do. And I enjoy spending time with them, but being stuck inside, all alone, with no TV, no internet, no paints, not even another room to go and a toddler with lots of energy and a hungry baby can be so hard! We only had a couple of hours of electricity today and then everything went dark. And then when my husband finally arrives... the electricity is on again and everything is back to normal... everything but me that I was about to explode in flames. Anyway... I don't know how many hours we're going to have again with power so I took a moment to be in the computer and vent a little.... Now that everything is out and the kids are finally asleep, I feel better... So, the initial reason of this post wasn't to complain about my situation, but to show you the new paintings that are ready to find new homes!

"Me and my lion"
8x8 mixed media on canvas


This is part of my "Me and my animal" series, I hadn't painted one in a while... but then I realized that I hadn't painted a lion and my son is Leonardo (Leon is lion in Spanish), so here it is! (I had to go blond for the palette, but I'm usually brunette in my paintings : P ).

"Good night moon"
8x8 Mixed media on canvas

And since I made one with my little son, this painting is inspired in my daughter, although she complained that she had black hair, not blond she loved it (again, I had to paint her hair yellow to make it pop against the dark background). She just can't sleep without light, so I decided to bring her the moon to keep her company and give her some brightness to her room.

"Taking it out"
6x8 Mixed media on canvas

This one is about getting your bad thoughts out and keeping the good ones in. I've had the sketch for so long (a couple of years) and I found it while searching through my old sketchbooks and decided to give it a try. I love the result and the muted palette, and I also see it as a reminder to let things go.

"Cupcakes for all"
5x7 Mixed media on wood

And since Valentine's day is so near and I've been baking like crazy in the last couple of weeks (a few days ago I made the BEST carrot cake ever!.. .and tomorrow we'll make chocolate brownies, yumy!) I thought I should make a paint about baking too (Same sweetness, but a lot less fattening!).

"A heart full of love"
8x10 mixed media on wood

And finally, this Frida, very different from my usual stuff. Lots of layers of color and full of texture. A painting that you not only will want to see, but you will want to touch it too (and it's ok, don't worry about ruining it, she can take it!). She's ready for grabs here.

So, unless the power is down again, I'll be listing the new paintings in my shop this Sunday in the morning . But if you feel like you can't wait until then, you know what to do ;)

Have a happy weekend! (And stay warm!!)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The fruits of cold weather...

Today was cold. And I mean COLD: 8F with a real feel of -13F. That's the coldest weather I've been in my entire life. I'm not used to it. The house is not used to it (all the windows are frosted). The city is not used to it (everything is closed and everybody is at their homes). So what would a girl like me do when it's cold? Yes, you guessed: Paint!

So I've been painting and my daughter was watching TV... until I realized she had had too much of it and I asked her to join me... and she taught me this fun technique with marbles... aren't children just natural artist? I love the composition an how she used the color here:

Oh and I'm almost done taking pictures of the paintings, in the meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of the fruits of my hard work (or a fun painting afternoon):

Now I'm off to bed to watch some TV myself... a good movie in a warm bed is all I need right now! Good night!