Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Now that 2011 is almost over I am reflecting in all the amazing things that happened and I told you about on My Christmas post.

New Year's resolutions? Well, be more Me!!!! Before I did not dare to dress how I liked (mainly because I didn't find clothes that fit, but also because I felt like a huge piƱata).

I am going to be more me, do what I want, dress how I like and create what I want, because I am worth it.

Going trough this change has taught me a lot about myself and the only thing I regret about it is not doing it sooner.

Reflecting at the end of the year, I am truly happy about what the year has been and concentrating on this instead of what could have been brings beautiful memories.

I hope your year was full of beautiful memories, great achievements and many more nice things. I wish you the best for this New Year Approaching, may it be great, and I wish that everything you do is blessed with success and happiness.

Here's to a Great 2012!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas To One And To All

This year has been full of surprises and changes in my life, so many that literally I am a different person with many many things to be thankful for this Christmas.

I've watched my son grow from being a tiny little baby to a toddler storm of energy and love... Who knew I could love him so much!

My daughter learned to read this year and she is now discovering the wonderful world of stories that she finds in the books we read together, I feel so proud of her!

I truly became a new person after I finally decided to loose my extra weight when I went under the knife. So far I've lost... Drum roll please.... 66 Pounds!
Literally took off a weight from me! I love the way I feel and look, free and ready to take over the world. People say I look very happy and I really do feel like that!

My little shop sold a lot of things thanks your never ending support, and I keep on growing as an artist, getting better and more creative by feeing on your love and comments.

What's coming for next year? Well, to be sincere... I don't know! You know me, My Artful Me is quite unpredictable and never knows what will come next, but I can tell you that everything will be more beautiful that what came before.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL FOR A WONDERFUL YEAR. I hope that you get to spend your Christmas day with your loved ones and Santa brings you love, health, joy, happiness and everything else on your list.

Merry Christmas From Danita.Art!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Originals Just In Time For Christmas

I have been very busy this last season, and I finished a series of paintings just in time for a last show before Christmas. If you order them from my Etsy Shop before Dec 20th, they will arive just in time to give them away as Christmas presents.

 Let me show you the crown jewel, a very large (for me) Frida portrait.
It measures 12x24 inches and has a stunning face with beautiful, lively eyes
and beautiful skin.

Another rarity for me, a revisit of an old painting.
I made the original some time ago now, and I decided
to reimagine it with new techniques.

He has been sitting on my mind for some time,
and now he got a chance to come out.
I love Harry Potter and the rich world he lives in... The other day I was daydreaming I was accepted at Hogwarts and I realized I was going to need an owl! So here I am, getting an owl. 

And just because I like to paint cute little woodland creatures I made
these three cute little paintings:

All of them, along with ACEO Prints and soon jewelry
and paper prints, are available at My Etsy Shop for
you to take home today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Danita's Christmas Blowout Sale!

The end is near! (For the holiday season) and I am holding a great Christmas blowout sale on my Etsy Shop!! Get 20% off your entire order using coupon code BLOGEND20, you will also get a priority mail upgrade for all US orders so your gifts arrive in time for Christmas! Starting today Dec 14th and until I feel like it.... Visit my shop and see the latest stocking stuffers :)

Friday, December 09, 2011

More ornaments from the swap

More fabulous ornaments have been opened in the last few days. Every time I open one I'm amazed at the creativity, the craftsmanship and the love poured into each of them.  I still have a few more to go, but for now, I leave you with the pictures. Aren't they lovely?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

On gifts and blessings...

I've been thinking about lately about this Holiday Season, about the gifts and the blessings that we receive every year. I want my children to enjoy their gifts but I also want them to value what it's really important: love, health, family.  So I was making this painting here:

And I was thinking about the gifts we get on Christmas, the joy of opening them and the good moments we spend as a family all together around the Christmas tree.  But then I thought something was missing, and I made this one:

For Christmas to be complete, we should also have blessings. A warm home, a family, love in our hearts, health and many, many others.  

So now, the 2 of them together make the perfect Christmas for me.
What about you?

(Both pieces available at my Etsy)

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Speaking of traditions...

My Christmas tree is up! I can´t be happier... I said this year that I was going to decorate the house since the beginning of November because the decorations are up a very short time and December is here and my stuff was still in boxes hiding in a closet... but now we finally finish! And now we have our little tree full of ornaments to gather around and talk about pretty thing and memories or just to sit there, enjoying a warm cup of cocoa and look at the lights...

It reminds me of my Christmases as a child... so many good memories. I remember helping my family decorate the tree with the nice smell of cinnamon and fruit punch in the background... still I can´t get in the Holiday mood if I don´t prepare some "ponches", so I did and with that sweet smell we finished our decoration night... Now I can start adding the new ornaments to my tree as I open them :)

And if you haven´t finished your Holiday decorations either, I have a suggestion. Another tradition of mine that I started a few years ago is making a small set of dolls that can be used as an ornament but that you can display all year long.

This year the batch consists in 5 dolls one in a different color and with a different personality. They will make great gifts and are perfect for a collector. If you feel like having one, you can click here.

More about the Christmas swap tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas ornament swap

And this is again that time of the year when I get to open presents like a little girl! If you´re new to my blog you may not know about this swap (Read more about it here). If you´ve been following me you know I´ve been in an annual Christmas swap since 2008 with a fabulous group of talented ladies and we exchange 12 or 13 ornaments and we get to open one each day during the month of December. This year we started a little bit late and yesterday I opened the first present!!  It is always very exciting because I´ve had the little packages for many days and I just can´t guess what it´s inside... want to take a look with me?

The first gift I get to open was from the super talented Ruth Rae.  I´ve always loved her work, but this year´s ornament will be a true treasure because of the circumstances she´s been through. You can read more about it in her blog, and send her good wishes too :)

I love my new ornament. And I love the heart, I´m so into hearts lately!

Ruth´s distinctive work always incorporates fibers and it is one of my favorite details.  Thank you Ruth! It has now a special place in my home!

 The second turn was from the not less talented Kelly Snelling

She was inspired by her sister and childhood when she made her ornaments and you can see it through the humble materials and the playful details, but you can also see her skills and her artistic eye in the finished piece.

Houses are a recurrent shape in my work and I´m always looking for new ones. This one is definitely a keeper.

Can´t wait ´til tomorrow to open another one! Thanks so much Kelly and Ruth. I love my ornaments!

Monday, December 05, 2011

New batch of ornaments!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! We dared going to the mall... oh my! It's so full already! And it's just the beginning of December! I don't think I want to go again on a weekend this month :P

 I also managed to finish a new set of ornies! This time they're a little bit different but still charming, covered with beeswax and mica flakes that will reflect the lights of your tree beautifully!

And I use some vintage style tinsel garland to add an extra festive touch in the top. They're one of a kind!  I love to hunt for extra special ornaments each year to celebrate something special that happened during that time or to remember a person or an event, that's why I love making my own ornaments and I wanted to share that with you. I hope you find one that makes you happy!

Get them at my Etsy shop.

Happy week!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Our family portrait

It's been a long time since I the last time I make some art for my home.  The last piece I made was for to celebrate the arrival of my boy to this world (that's a little more than a year ago!) and it was a small piece (5x7 inches).  I've had this large canvas for ages that used to be a painting I did many years ago that I repainted because It not longer matched my decoration, and being always so busy I didn't have time to do something else until now. I decided I never have extra time so I had to take some time to make it.

It's a portrait family that includes us and our home. 

Me and my husband are holding the house meaning that we're the ones who support it and keep it in one piece while holding our kids in a shape of a blue dog (my daughter's favorite color and animal) and a lion (my son's name in spanish starts with leon=lion and we often call him that).  We're standing in a patch of flowers, meaning that our family is thriving and full of life.

I think it matches our family and our decoration pretty well now.. what do you think?