Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unplanned studio remodel....

I spent the weekend cleaning and remodeling my studio... It was totally unplanned, I meant to do other stuff... but I brought a new drawer chest and there was no way I could fit it into my already crowded craft room... Just take a look.

So I tried to move a bookcase, and It collapsed (I know, I know, I should have removed the books first but you know me... I'm impulsive like that...).  Anyway, with no bookcase there was plenty of room for my jewelry station! I've wanted one ever since I started making jewelry and I didn't have the space... but with no bookcase there was enough space If I moved the red polka dot cabinet somewhere I did and guess what? My table was exactly the same size as the empty spot!


 So I moved the table that used to be behind me when I painted... put all my little drawers on it, and ta-da! Jewelry station ready!


I'm still organizing all my beads and jewelry-related stuff, but I had the great idea of adding colored labels instead of names to the drawers, being extremely visual, it is a lot easier for me to find what I'm looking for just by looking at the color in the drawer label.

And the polka dot cabinet fit in the empty spot and I still had some space to add other stuff.


So now with a jewerly station I still had the problem of where to put the other drawer cabinet... so I had to make some more moves around here...

 Some stuff here, some there, books here, books there... and finally the drawers had their space.


I think that some things are just meant to be... because that drawers fit magically where I used to had 2 bar stools that were holding the canvases!

Now I have so much free space in the middle of the room that I can't believe it! I want to lay down and make some snow angels hehe... but I think a tall chunky table will be the next step...

What about you? How did you spend your weekend?

Friday, January 27, 2012

I LOVE The New Me =)

I Changed my profile picture yesterday and I Love the new me!
What do you think? You Like?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

13 pounds.. just 13 pounds!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the sale!!  I'm really grateful right now! And not only because of the sale, but also because I'm re-taking control of my life.  The Holidays made a dent, or better said, I made a mess during the Holidays to my diet and my life... I get off the train very easily.  But now I'm following my diet again, and I joined the gym and I'm 13 pounds away of my goal!
And you know what? It feels great being in control.  Every time that I want to slip off and eat something I'm not supposed to or skip the gym I remind myself of certain things that are a great deal to me. To name a few:
  • I can sit on the floor and stand up easily to play with my children.
  • I can go shopping now and look for what I like, not what fits.
  • All my shoes are loose... and this year I used below the knee boots!!!
  • I'm not dying for lack of oxygen at the gym... or when I walk fast or a lot.
  • I can do a lot more stuff and still have energy at night, before I used to feel tired all the time.
  • My rings are not longer tight.
  • Heat doesn't affect me as much (although cold does!)
  • And the best one? My overall mood is a lot happier than before!
So next time that I'm tempted to grab a cookie instead of a healthy snack, I will remind myself of all this and how good it feels to go in life not carrying extra weight with me :)

Feeling SOOOO Coy and blushing right now :)

Kathy from the PBJunkies blog contacted me me last week to write about me on their blog, she's very nice and friendly and called me an "Internet Art Superstar" on her post :)

I'm blushing just from reading it and want to hide my face with my braided hair like a little girl. Give them a visit, read her post and tell me what you think... I'm too shy to keep typing now.

Happy Week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend blowout!

I'm so thankful to read your comments to my previous work I want to make something to give you back the good vibes, so... this weekend I'm having a super sale at my Etsy Shop! A never before sale: Buy ONE Aceo woodblock, get one free.  Just purchase as many as you want and write me in the message to the seller the ones you want. (Buy 1 get 1, but 2 get 2, but 10 get 10... you get the idea).

This offer is valid this weekend only! If you already have a collection and want it to grow it, or if you haven't started yet, now is your opportunity!!!

I'll also be listing new artwork beginning today. So watch out for it!  (Yes, it's a Valentine's Frida there).

Thanks again for the great comments and response to my art... and be happy, it's Friday!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

On change....

The other day I was asked if I ever get bored of doing the same thing all the time and work in the same style all the time and you know what? I do. As much as I love painting some days I just want to do something different... like today. I don't get bored of doing creative stuff, it's my favorite activity. But some days I just want to change the medium I'm working on.  Maybe that's why I do so many things...  Maybe one day I will change my style and go in a different direction. But right now I'm happy doing what I do in the style I do it and I will welcome any change that comes naturally with open arms. It may be soon, it may not, but in the meantime I'll keep enjoying what I do the way I do it. And I hope you will to.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 new originals now in the shop!

This three beauties are looking for a home right now. They promise to behave and bring lots of love an good vibes to the lucky person who takes them.  They're all sweet, colorful and loving... and they're all available right now at my Etsy shop. 

The Queen of Hearts. 6x12 inches on Canvas

Angel of love 8x10 inches on Canvas

Love. 6x8 inches on Canvas.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New prints in the shop!

I made several pieces that you wouldn't get to see in my shop because they got sold before I had a chance to list them, but now they're available as prints and some also as ACEO woodblocks.  For example the "Heart Angel" that was a encaustic piece, I had stopped working with encaustic until last month that I got a new slow cook machine, I also made "Everybody needs an owl", both with lots of texture!

"You have my honey"  a very sweet piece with a girl and a bear was other piece you didn't get to see, but here's the print now.  And something I don't usually do, revisit a past piece, but I did with this one: "Dream catcher"  and I liked the result a lot!

Some of the latest Valentine's ones are also in the shop now, ready for you to take home :) 

And speaking of home... I'm going to take down the Christmas decorations this weekend.. I promise!  I've had them in the dining table the whole week but I just haven't made myself take them away... the tree is so pretty with all the lights :(  Anyway, I'm going to do some Valentine decorations too... maybe a garland too? I want to fill the empty spaces.  What about you, any projects for this weekend?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Charity wings

Doing charities is something very rewarding but doing them through art is a double joy.  Not only are you helping others but you're doing it through something that you enjoy since you're doing it. That's the case of Charity Wings, a non profit organization that, in their own words "use art and creativity as a vessel to raise money and awareness".

A couple of weeks ago I was asked for a contribution to this wonderful organization and I said yes right away! It's fantastic what this group of women have done and I'm grateful they let me be part of it.

The angel Elena is holding was my contribution to them.  It's an angel bringing a gift. A gift of hope for the ones who are in the receiving part of the charity and a gift of satisfaction for the givers.  And of course, a gift of love for everybody.

When you join Charity Wings, you won't be only giving, but also receiving goodies! Like a signed print of my Angel. To find out more about them go to their website and learn more about them and join the cause!

Never too early for love...

After the Holiday break I had a hard time going back to my usual working routine, not feeling inspired enough, watching too many TV shows instead of doing creative things, until I found the inspiration I was looking for: LOVE!

Valentine's Day is near (yes, only a month away!) and it used to be a day I hated (before I met my hubby) but now I really enjoy it. I'm fortunate enough to have a husband and 2 kids that I love too much and they love me back. So I got carried away with the theme and here's the first part of the series of Love paintings I'm doing!

If you're subscribed to my newsletter you may already seen them, if not, check your inbox they're waiting for you there!

If you're not, you can join us here!

So, what do you think? Love-ly?

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Creative Pilgrimage

I got 2 big extra fluffy, fuzzy, big pillows the other day and I've been spending time reading on them all the magazines that I get (I got a fantastic offer of 5 subscriptions for 10 dlls, Real Simple, I finally get you!). Anyway, as much as I enjoy flipping through magazines, nothing like a great, colorful, inspiring book to get my creative juices flowing.  And today I got exactly what I was hoping for: Creative Pilgrimage, by Jenny Doh.  It's been a while since I read a book that wanted to make me start doing something, anything, as long as it is creative.

And I'm so excited about this year's art and crafts books! My wish list in Amazon is getting longer by the second and I hope they keep motivating me to make stuff!

Friday, January 06, 2012

It feels so good

Working again after the Holiday break feels soooo good! If only I started exercising again :P

I'm working on a batch of new paintings. I have so many more ideas that I want to turn into paintings and
Collages I know I'll have a busy weekend.

Have fun!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

And I'm back!

I'm back from the Holiday break with many ideas in my head! My studio is clean (really! that's clean for me ha ha) and waiting for me to start creating.

By the way, I made a few changes in my blog, how do you like them?
I hope everybody is having a great year!