Friday, March 30, 2012

The Faries Have Taken Flight

I want to thank you for all the support and love my latest Spring Fairy paintings got! Your love inspired me to make the doll series and they are finally completed and are fluttering around my Studio and asking me when they get to go inside a box to see their new home. Bahar, Verna, Primavera, Caroun and Gen are available for you to take home on my Etsy Shop today.

New Spring inspired paintings are or grabs too!

I really like them, I fell happy just by looking at them and I know that whoever takes them home will too. A piece of eternal spring is something everyone can enjoy :)

Now if you excuse me, I am going out to water my flowers, walk around with my kids and maybe later today catch the Mexico premiere of The Lorax.

Happy weekend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend report: Fairy dolls

This weekend was one of those when I can happily report I didn't do anything :P  I usually go all crazy on the weekends and work and work and work taking advantage of Mr. Danita taking care of the kids, but not this one.  We stayed home, watched movies, went shopping (I bought some pretty summer dresses) and went for ice cream and the bookstore. But being me, I couldn't let the weekend slip away with no art at all, so yesterday, at 10:00 pm I started working again.

After a rather big glass of wine, I had made some progress.

A few hours later, this was the status: 5 in-the-works fairy dolls.  1 sleepy-hungry artist.  1 sleepy husband.

So I went to bed and left them like that. I wonder how they felt when I left them without their wings... I hope they're not mad at me. I'll fix that today.

And you, what about your weekend?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A painting just taught me a lesson...

Remember my painting "Learning to hold with open hands"? I think it just taught me a lesson. It's weird, I usually scan all of my painting in high resolution and keep them organized by month.  My business depends almost entirely on those images.  I was about to make the woodblocks from that image and guess what? It wasn't there. It is not in the backup either... it's just not here.  So I think it taught me a lesson, the very lesson it was on it.  I could recover an image to make small prints but not the big ones... anyway, I think I definitely learned to hold with open hands, and let them go if they don't want to stay here, right?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Been very busy around here.
Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7 Year Painting Anniversary!!!!

On Sunday I received an email from eBay that said "Congratulations for your 7 year anniversary with us"... that light a bulb: Although I moved on from eBay to Etsy some time ago, I've been selling my art online for 7 years now!!!!
(This is by far the longest I've ever lasted in a job!)

It's amazing how fast time goes and how ones improves in that period of time.  I found this image from the vault, it was one of the first paintings I made, very saturated colors, very dark lines, very me at that time. I remember the walls in my house were painted orange, bright pink, yellow and blue... very much like this painting. And she's alone, enjoying her coffee... I didn't have kids at that time.

And this is a recent painting, same theme, very different execution.  Necks have gotten shorter and heads have grown larger.  And she's not alone now (there are 3 birds with her: my husband, my daughter and my son).

I'm so happy and thankful right now for being be able to continue to do what I love most: create.  To have people who supports what I do and enjoy it. To share a piece of myself with the world.  To be able to stay home with my kids while I also get to work in the thing that I'm most passionate about.  To wake up every day surrounded by the things I love.  

For those past 7 years, and the many more to come:


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Random Journal Pages...

I thought It should be fun to share some of my art journal entries with you.  Traditional journals never were my thing, but I've been drawing what happens or what was inside me for years.  I'll keep showing you more in the coming weeks...

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Necklace Length Guide... I need your help

I saw an illustration in facebook the other day, it was from a magazine that showed how different sizes of necklaces would look like in a person and I thought It would be helpful to make my own and add it to the necklace pictures in my shop, but my husband says that the numbers are not clear enough... what do you think?

I just added it to one listing, please take a look here and here and let me know if it helps :)

Oh I also did this one... I think it looks better... this time with the right spelling. Words with TH are the death of me.... If you think I'm bad at spelling it you should hear me pronounce it.

Which one is your favorite?

Learning to hold with open hands

I like to think that the universe sends me messages... usually when I'm struggling with a problem and I don't know what to do something happens.  I find something to read,  or I hear of see something that helps me go through it and solve it or cope with it.  It's like the answers are all out there, I just need to pay attention.

 "Hold with open hands" 6x12 Mixed Media on Craddle Panel.

One of the those answers came the other day via Facebook from Tara Brach. She was saying that we should learn to hold with open hands. Not grasping, not closing our fists as hard as possible, on the contrary. To hold, to keep there but allowing that thing we're holding to go whenever it is ready.  To let it be. That way, when it goes it won't be as painful. 

I imagine that I'm holding butterflies.  If you open your hand and let them be there, you can admire them closer, enjoy them and, when they're ready, watch them fly... and if you leave your hand open, you also let open the possibility for they to return, so there is hope.

I'm not a master of this, I'm just learning. But by reminding me myself to do it there will be a day when I will be able to do so.

Monday, March 05, 2012

I can feel it: Spring is coming!

I know that for many of you there's still cold and snow out there, but where I live I can already see the first blossoms of spring, the changing of the weather and the uplifting spirits. There are more people in the streets, children want to stay playing outside longer and and overall feeling of hope. The hope that spring will come, and with it, a group of 5 little fairies that just arrived to make sure all the spring preparations are going according to plan.

Click on the images and links below each painting to purchase, they are now fluttering around and waiting to go with you on my Etsy Shop.

They will be available for purchase on Monday, April 5th around 12:00 EST on My Etsy shop. Just click on the images and follow the links that will appear below on Monday.

(By the way, all the names mean Spring in different languages)

All of them have butterflies wings, as a symbol of the change, the metamorphosis that the earth suffers during spring. I hope you like this spring collection. It was made with lots of love!