Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Online Class Is On Sale This Weekend!

When I paint, I paint from the heart. I capture my dreams, my hopes, my reality and my daydreaming into my art.
If you've ever struggled to find what you like and wondered how to create meaningful art that becomes personal and full of passion, this workshop will be perfect for you.
A self paced version of last year's guided lessons, more than just a painting class, I will show you the mixed media techniques I use on my paintings to journey through my process for creating mixed media art as an outlet for my dreams, my worries and my imagination to create art with a personal and distinctive style that you will love to call your own. Take a look at the promo video, and when you are done...

head up to the welcome page!

and join me in a magical journey towards creativity and self discovery. See You There!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Has it really been that long?

Is it just me getting older or life is going faster than usual? As much as I want to be Zen and live in the present, I can't help to notice that it's almost Halloween. And then Christmas. And I meant to share with you about my workshop at Crescendoh as soon as I got back and then realized that it's been 2 weeks already since I'm home!  Thankfully Jenny posted about it here.  

It doesn't help either that I came back to an upside down house (Mr. Danita and the kids were here) and I had to put it back to a more livable, clean place and that my parents were here (I get to see them once in a while so while they're here I'm the daughter again and I enjoy being with them all the time, which translates in not get anything done).  And that the little time I have for creating I've spent it working on commissions so I haven't done anything just for kicks.

Soooo... I gave myself time and created new Frida originals!!!!

 They will be released as usual, first on the newsletter and later on My Etsy Shop. Sign up for the newsletter here if you haven't done it yet.

And... I've running around like crazy, busy busy busy with a secret project and another personal project, so big that it deserves a blog post for itself, when I'm done with it I'm going to share it with you.

Enough with the excuses. I hope you enjoy the Fridas. Since time flies I think I'm going to start making Halloween Art before it's time to make some Christmas stuff.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On my bookcase

This is how a month's worth of work
 looks like at Danita Art.

And I haven't finished yet!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Alice in Wonderland dolls collection: Finished!

I'm recovering from a 2 day root canal... and it's not over yet. Seems like I have 2 of the three canals blocked and the dentist is having a hard time trying to open them. I'll have to wait until I come back from teaching my class at Studio Crescendoh so the dentist can finish because he left some medicine inside my molar to try to open the conducts and it will have to stay there at least a week.

I'm so glad I worked so hard last week so I could finish the Alice in Wonderland Dolls and the class samples so this week I'll just concentrate in the things that I have to do and recover.
Comes Sunday and... The Alice In Wonderland dolls are ready to be purchased!  Each one of them is an Alice in Wonderland character and they're dressed with beautiful Alice themed fabrics. 

Tweedle Dee and Tweelde Dum are a 2 in one doll. I made them on each side of the doll.  The Cheshire Cat and The White Rabbit have tails and ears and Alice, The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen each have a bow, a hat and a Crown.  And they're so fluffy you will want to squeeze them and hug them... they're so cute!

Right now they're living with me, but they're up for adoption.
If you want to give them a forever home, you can do so by purchasing one (Or All!) of them from my Etsy Shop here.

Have a wonderful week!